Daniel Weil Design Museum

Daniel Weil’s Time Machines has opened at the Design Museum, London.

The exhibition sets out to ‘decode’ Daniel’s design process showing his inspirations and influences as well as selected designs including the Hinge Clock, Claire fruit bowl, a series of Radio In A Bag designs, a CD case for the Pet Shops Boys, a feeding bottle for Mothercare and the By…Daniel Weil ‘Time Machines Collection’ of clocks.

In addition 65 sketchbooks are on display and a runway shelf of kept items from letter openers, a single scissor arm to a John Miro postcard, each methodically placed ‘it’s like my back yard is on display’ says Daniel.

ByShop collaborated with Daniel on the Time Machines Collection including By George Instrument and Powerlines to coincide with the exhibition.

Tickets are available in advance at Ticketweb and on the door.

Photography: Nick Turner