Secret 7"

Our entry for Secret 7” has been submitted!

Secret 7” is an annual project that brings together music and art for a good cause. Taking 7 iconic tracks from 7 well-known musicians, Secret 7” presses each one 100 times to 7” vinyl, creatives from around the world are then invited to interpret the tracks in their own style with bespoke sleeve designs.

In collaboration with Sonos Studio, Monotype and Universal Music, Secret 7” are supporting Amnesty International UK this year, standing up for human rights across the world, where freedom, fairness and truth are denied.

The annual exhibition will take place this year in Shoreditch at the Sonos Studio from 8th April – 1st May, with 700 sleeves going on sale for £50 apiece on 2nd May.

On an auction style basis, no one will know the record or who the sleeve designer is until they have parted with their cash. With past notable contributors such as Sir Paul Smith, Tatty Devine, Goldie and more – the anticipating secret lies within.

Be sure to check out here if ByShop’s design is selected for this great cause.