Mary Anne Hobbs Clock

We were invited by Mary Anne Hobbs to contribute to the ‘Make Art With Us’ feature of the BBC 6 Music Mary Anne Hobbs show which aired this weekend, with guests including Daniel Johnston, Noel Fielding and David Silverman (The Simpsons).

The one-off screen printed Primary clock bearing the ‘You Are Listening to Mary Anne Hobbs’ line directly references the show, the Ramones line ‘ You are listening to the Ramones’ and the Ted Riederer ‘ You are not listening’ roundel design of his Ramones inspired t-shirts. The 6 is over-sized and an on air arrow spans the 7, 8, 9; the show’s running time. As we contributed to the Saturday show ‘Every Saturday’ was included, though this was read as ‘Very Saturday’ which was unintentional but seemed to be liked by Tweeters! The idea of using the round shaped Primary clock and a roundel design seemed to fit quite nicely with the music theme and general roundness and rotation of vinyl and label graphics. In hindsight the addition of an alarm feature would have been good for waking listeners for the 7am show!

Listen here at 1.13 we get a call out! Thanks Mary Anne Hobbs!